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Hull 상위 Chants(4 의 페이지) 축구 노래

Roaring stuff from the Tigers.

10408 Elland Road Is Falling Down What a state Leeds' stadium is 재생 목록
10412 Sit Down And Read A Book Sang To quiet Fans
10442 The Duke Is On Fire Sang to Matt Duke
10478 Tell The Board That We'll Be There.... New Tigers chant
10789 Giannokopoulos Formerly sang by bolton until Stelios Giannokopoulos moved to Hull
10822 We'Ve Got More Points Than You Sang to any team with less points than us
10975 In The Town Sang all the time
11065 Sing Your Hearts Out Generic song to prod quiet fans into supporting the team.
11090 Whos That Team Call Hull City? sounds good
11143 Let's Pretend We've Scored A Goal Go along with lot's of jumping around and such
  Premier League Betting
11171 Nice To Know Your Here Sang to the oppositions supporters who have only just started to sing.
11204 Furgeson'S Face made up for Hull vs Man Utd
11360 We've Done It Before Could be sang at Arsenal
11553 You Are My City Great Hull City footie song
11558 Get Your T*** Out Sang to an attractive woman with big 'Knockers'
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HCFC 축구 부른다과 플레이 스테이션, 컴퓨터, x 박스, 프로 에볼루션 축구 노래

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