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18 Hull 노래 & 앰프; 축구 노래

Roaring stuff from the Tigers.

648 City Till I Die And probably afterwards too. 재생 목록
1112 Hull City F.C. Another football chant classic from Hull City fans. 재생 목록
1451 Mauled by the Tigers Sung when there's a thrashing ahoy - accompanied by tiger motions with the arms. It's us poking fun at ourselves, it comes from away fans singing "tigers tigers ra ra ra!" Usually with the same hand gestures mentioned that we make. Tongue in cheek! 재생 목록
2730 Can You Hear Us in Hull Sang when we were on the tele 재생 목록
3006 City! (claps) Makes a decent ringtone 재생 목록
3109 Silverware Sung at Pompey (and others) 재생 목록
3610 Don't Sell McShane Mcshane's last year on a contract and we told Steve Bruce what to do 재생 목록
3965 Oh Ian Ashbee The captains chant for the last 4 leagues 재생 목록
3992 You're Ground's Too Big for You Too much space, not enough fans 재생 목록
4786 Brownie Give Us a Wave Sang to Phill Brown, which normally concludes in a Phill Brown wave:) 재생 목록
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5526 Allez Allez Oh Sung at home and away 재생 목록
6160 We Love You City The football classic, another one good as a Hull City ringtone for the mobile. 재생 목록
6182 Let's Pretend We've Scored a Goal Go along with lot's of jumping around and such
6204 You Are My City Great Hull City footie song
6303 Who the Hell Are You Well, who are ya? 재생 목록
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최고의 Hull 축구 부른다과 축구 노래 가사와 다운로드 프로 진화 및 FIFA 게임에 대 한 준비가.

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